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Newby is the tea of choice for those looking to serve and sell high quality, premium teas. With an award-winning collection of over 250 products, we work directly with our partners to create a perfect tea service.

As a major part of the supply chain, Newby’s distributors are invaluable to our business. Accordingly, we work closely with our distributors to provide as much support as we can and create a long-lasting and rewarding partnership.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Newby Teas, please contact the team on or +65  6327 1108

Hotels & Restaurants

No longer content with the ubiquitous dusty, bland cup, customers are becoming more and more discerning in the quality of their teas. From hotel stays to restaurant dinners, establishments have had to rise to the challenge when it comes to their tea offering – which is where Newby Teas comes in.

Newby is a speciality tea brand that caters to luxury and premium hotels, high-end sporting and leisure venues, esteemed cultural centres and Michelin-starred restaurants. Our teas are served with pride at prestigious establishments in the HORECA sector, such as The Gleneages, Blenheim Palace, The Goring, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Zuma, Novikov and Silverstone, to name just a few.

These locations attract an array of visitors from all over the world, and we constantly receive emails from customers who have visited these establishments and would like to enquire about where to purchase Newby’s teas.

Working closely with our partners, we create a comprehensive tea service that will impress your customers. Newby provides in-house tea training, creating unique tea menus that feature seasonal teas and food pairing suggestions as well as marketing support.

Between teabags, loose leaf, whole leaf pyramid infusers and flowering teas, we provide an extensive product range for all tea service requirements, from in-room teas and tisanes, breakfast services and afternoon tea to your spa, bar, restaurant, conferences and events.

For more information on how Newby can create a unique and memorable tea service for your establishment, please contact the team on or +65  6327 1108

Contract Catering

Newby is a perfect solution for contract catering, offering premium, high quality teas for a growing number of the world’s most prestigious catering services. With solutions for conferences, banquets, take-away service and fine dining, Newby is definitively the tea brand of choice.

With a collection of over 250 productsincluding a range of premium tea accessories as well as the world’s finest teas, we can create a bespoke and memorable tea service tailored to fit your needs and requirements.

To learn more about the contract catering solutions we offer, please contact the team on or +65  6327 1108


From artisanal flowering teas to classic English Breakfast teabags and limited edition designer caddies, Newby’s collection of over 250 productshave proved to be successful on the shelves of the world’s most premium retail spaces.

Working with our retail partners, we can create the perfect range to integrate seamlessly with your current stock. Newby’s teas are currently available in Harvey Nichol, with a growing list of retail partners.

If you would like to discuss stocking Newby’s products or to learn more about bespoke ranges, please contact the team on or +65  6327 1108

Corporate Gifting

Whether you are looking to purchase gifts for major or prospective clients, employees or loyal customers, honouring a business relationship with a gift is fundamental for building a sense of partnership and loyalty. Choosing appropriate and unique gifts is an art in and of itself.

Newby’s teas are of the highest quality and beautifully presented in designer packaging. Without the ubiquity and detrimental effects of alcohol or sugar, tea is a unique gift with universal appeal and a distinguished character that will make an impression on the most discerning recipient.

You can browse our award-winning collection of over 250 products here. To speak with us about bespoke gifts, please contact the team on or +65  6327 1108