Oolong Collection Caddies


High-grown Oriental Beauty is one of the most-prized loose leaf teas, originating in Taiwan’s Hsinchu County. Presented in a luxury gift box, this exquisite oolong has been deep-fermented and impresses with notes of honey and peach.

Size Gift Box 15 x 19 x 9 cms
Size Caddy 82 x 82 x 120 mm

Best before date: 25 Mar 2019

Tasting Notes

The bright red cup is sweet and smooth with flavours of honey and ripe peach.

The Perfect Cup

Use 5g of tea per 200ml of water, at a temperature of 80–90 degrees. Brew for 2-3 minutes. A second brew can be enjoyed using the same leaf.


Oolong Tea



Regular Price: S$300.00

Special Price S$210.00