Classic Tea bags

25 Count Tea Bags

When you find yourself being pulled every which way by daily life, taking a moment to centre yourself is necessary natural reset. Our Body Balance
blend helps you bring back the harmony - balancing flavours of cleansing fennel and grounding cardamom to restore your cool, calm, collected
self once more.

Based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs and plants, the ingredients in this blend are known to have the following benefits:

• Detoxifies the body
• Reduces joint pain
• Increases digestion
• Helps weight reduction

Tasting Notes

A calming cup which combines sweet and spicy notes of warming fennel, cardamom and coriander, creating a harmonious blend with a fresh-breeze aroma.

The Perfect Cup

Let yourself enjoy this balance - restoring tisane at its best. A little patience is all you need...


fennel seed, cardamom pods, coriander seed, liquorice root.