Classic Tea bags

Organic 25 Count Tea Bags

There's no better prelude to a great day than a night of deep, blissful sleep, and our comforting Night Calm blend is the perfect way to power
down naturally at bedtime. Light warming and irresistibly fragrant, its notes of chamomile and lavender are sure to bring that soothing night's
rest a little closer.

Based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs and plants, the ingredients in this blend are known to have the following benefits:

• Aids digestion
• Reduces insomnia
• Calms upset stomach
• Anti-inflammatory

Tasting Notes

A sweet, floral cup with hints of calming chamomile and lavender, leading to a warm, minty finish.

The Perfect Cup

Let yourself enjoy this calm-enticing tisane at its best. A little patience is all you need...


chamomile flowers, fennel seeds, lemongrass, liquorice root, lavender flowers, tulsi, peppermint, rose petals.