Classic Tea bags

Organic 25 Count Tea Bags

For those special times when you allow yourself a little treat, this delectable tisane will get you feeling great from the inside out. Refreshing, light and reassuringly
organic, our blissful Wellness Spa blend has a natural zing just waiting to invigorate your body and soul.

Based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs and plants, the ingredients in this blend are known to have the following benefits:

• Detoxifies liver
• Antioxidant
• Antiseptic
• Digestive tonic

Tasting Notes

A refreshing light-yellow cup with a soothing citrusy aroma, spicy notes of ginger and a cosy coconut tinge to its fragrant finish.

The Perfect Cup

Let yourself enjoy this wellness-affirming tisane at it's best. A little patience is all you need...


lemongrass, ginger, green tea, liquorice root, coconut pieces, dandelion root, marigold petals