Classic Tea bags

Organic 25 Count Tea Bags

As a yogi, you'll appreciate that it's what goes on inside that truly matters, so allow your body a moment of soothing stillness with our organic Yoga Relax blend.
With hints if immunity-enhancing tulsi leaf, liquorice and citrus fruit, it's light and gently calming - perfect for keeping mind and body aligned and your stresses at bay.

Based on traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of herbs and plants, the ingredients in this blend are known to have the following benefits:

• Decreases swelling and pain
• Improves immunity
• Decreases cholesterol levels
• Relieves stress

Tasting Notes

A deep honey-coloured cup with a fresh, Alpine aroma and soothing notes of holy basil and lemongrass.

The Perfect Cup

Let yourself enjoy this relaxation-inducing tisanes at it's best . A little patience is all you need


tulsi leaves, lemongrass